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IVF-ICSI PGD, Genetic screening

Fakih IVF Fertility Center

Service Package includes:

  • Head Physician Providing Care: Dr. Michael Fakih
  • Hospitals Single Room Stay: N/A
  • Consultation: 6 consultaion rooms

  • Diagnostic: /

  • Lab Tests services: Hematology and biochemical

  • Imaging Tests Services: Ultrasound

  • Other

    Genetic screening

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IVF-ICSI  PGD, Genetic screening
Price tag

As per the treatment plan ( 20k - 50k )

Total Cost of the Service Package

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Do you wish to request an appointment?

Optional Services

  • Translation Rate per Page (AED): Article badge Avaiable upon request

  • Interpreter Rate per Hour (AED): Article badge Complementary in clinic service

  • VIP Room Additional Charge Rate per day (AED): Article badge 4,000

  • Other special service

    IUI, Egg freezing, sperm freezing, Genetic testing, Family balancing

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