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Abu Dhabi Medical Tourism Network

In line with Abu Dhabi vision 2030 and is a continuation of the Quality framework (JAWDA) program, Abu Dhabi is bringing together key players in tourism, transport, immigration and healthcare to offer an unprecedented seamless high quality specialized healthcare product to international patients.


The Department of Health (DoH), in collaboration with Department of Tourism and Culture (DTC) is building a network of service providers to build a comprehensive system to attract and meet international patient requirements utilizing existing local expertise and capacity in healthcare and infrastructure in Abu Dhabi.


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Our Vision is:

--"To position Abu Dhabi globally as a prestigious international destination for medical tourism by ensuring the highest patient's satisfaction results"--

Undisputable Market Leader

Abu Dhabi Healthcare Network gathers several medical leaders on the globe.

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    SEHA Medical Group

    Committed to providing a continuum of care to residents and utilizing leading-edge technologies.

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    Mubadala Medical Group

    Addresses the region’s most pressing healthcare needs.

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    Mediclinic Middle East

    The largest private health provider in the UAE.

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    NMC Healthcare

    We guarantee personalized care, genuine concern and a sincere commitment to the overall well-being of the society.

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Why Abu Dhabi?

Seeking treatment in Abu Dhabi, will not only provide travelling patients with high-end medical services, it will ensure they are being taken care of from the moment they set foot in the Emirate and until they depart safely. With a relaxed medical visa, on-ground transportation, involved hotels and tourism agencies, patients will enjoy a very steady and smooth recovery while feeling right at home.

Abu Dhabi is not only growing as a major tourism destination in the world, but also makes one of the most popular countries for medical tourism in the region. An average of 15,786 medical tourists travel to Abu Dhabi in pursuit of its health services every year. In 2017, Abu Dhabi accommodated about 7,404 international patients in 36 hospitals.

Abu Dhabi offers state-of-the-art medical infrastructure, facilities, and treatments that are provided within a holistic environment of rejuvenation and recovery.

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Moreover, Abu Dhabi has a solid reputation for safety with a virtually crime-free society, an aspect of living in the Emirate that brings great pride to all residents alike. The Emirate has been ranked the safest city in the world twice, according to its outstanding digital security, health security, infrastructure safety, and personal security. Safety comes right after seeking an excellent healthcare amongst the top priorities of travelling patients, where Abu Dhabi achieves the highest ranks for both priorities in contrast with many other countries.

Today, it brings together key players in tourism, transport, immigration and healthcare to offer an unprecedented high quality specialised healthcare experience to international patients. With a holistic network of service providers, it acquires a comprehensive system to meet international patient requirements utilising existing local expertise and capacity in healthcare and infrastructure using the world’s latest medical technology.


Abu Dhabi
Ranked #1 globally in terms of patients satisfaction as per GRMC patients satisfaction survey

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