It only takes 48 hours to issue your medical tourism visa to Abu Dhabi...

Visas and Regulations

Through this service, patients and those who have medical follow-up can submit a request for a medical treatment entry permit. The process time to issue the medical tourism visa is 48 hours.


Process description

  • Application form

    Book an appointment with your preferred hospital or contact one of our travel agencies.

  • Submit application

    The hospital will submit your details to the authorities to process you visa.

  • Receive the permit

    The hospital or travel agency will send e-mail your visa (entry permit) within 48 hours.

Required Documents

  • Approved appointment and Certified medical report by one of the medical tourism network hospitals

  • Passport's copy

  • Passport should be valid at least six months

  • Pay the visa's fee

  • Fee Value (in AED)

    Medical treatment entry permit - 250

  • Special Conditions

    Sponsor must be one of the hospitals in the UAE.

    The entry permit can be extended for another term of 90 days.

  • Service access

    Call Center: 600530003

    Customer Service: Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship


Responsible Department: Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship

Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (ICA) was established on Sha'ban 15, 1425H corresponding to September 29, 2004 under the name "Emirates Identity Authority" under Federal Law No. (2) for the year 2004 to establish the "Population Register and Emirates Identity Card Program", which included recording personal and vital data for all population in the state and keeping them in electronic databases in coordination with the competent authorities, and issuing the Emirates ID Card for each individual to be registered and to contain the Emirates ID number, readable data and data stored on an electronic chip, which can be used in all entities.

Since its establishment, ICA has specialized in providing identification and confirmation services of Identity for individuals to federal and local government authorities and any other entities and determining the means applicable in this regard. The Law has given ICA, for such purpose, the right to request the necessary data and information from the competent authorities in the State to serve its objectives.

The Federal Decree-Law No. 3 of 2017 is a significant and important turning point in the work of ICA after it was decided to change its name to be "Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship" and to add new functions to its Terms of Reference namely citizenship Affairs, passports, entry and residence of foreigners in the state, and transfer the terms of reference and powers assigned to the Ministry of Interior to ICA in this regard.