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Dr. Muntaser Ahmed Husein

Specialist Aviation and Aerospace Medicine

Senior Aeromedical Examiner, Medical Review Officer (GCAA UAE)

Aviation Medical Examiner (FAA USA)

DAvMed (King’s College London)

Dr. Muntaser Husein obtained his MBBS degree from Jordan University of Science and Technology in 1997. After completing his residency, he underwent a three-year orthopedic fellowship.

Dr. Muntaser Husein obtained a diploma in Aviation Medicine in 2004, and a master degree with merit in Aviation and Aerospace Medicine in 2010, both from King’s College London.

Dr. Muntaser has spent 12 years working as an Aviation Medicine Specialist for the UAE Air Force Medical Center from June 2004, and in 2010 he was promoted to a Senior Aerospace Medicine Specialist.

Dr. Muntaser speaks Arabic and English.


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