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Dr. Jairam K. Aithal

Consultant - Cardiovascular Disease

  • Physician Graduate of:
    1995 MBBS, University of Bombay (Mumbai), India
    2000 MD in General Medicine, University of Mumbai, India
    2003 DM (Cardiology), University of Mumbai, India
  • Physician Medical Boards:
    - Health Authority, Abu Dhabi, UAE, GD10699
    - Medical Board if Western Australia, Registration No. 21958
    - Full Registration - India (Maharashtra Medical Council, Registration No. 082600)
  • Physician Fellowships:
    2010 Fellow Peripheral Interventions, Park Krankenhaus, Leipzig, Germany
    2009  Fellow Intervantional Cardiology, Royal Perth Hospital, Perth, Western Australia, Australia
    2007 Fellow Interventional Cardiology, Geelong Hospital, Geelong, Victoria, Australia
  • Physician Author of:
    - ECG Vignette 2: overdrive pacing of a broads QRS tachycardia. Indian Journal of Electrophysiology, December 2000
    - ECG Vignette: complete heart block. Pace or perfuse? Indian Journal of Electrophysiology, June 2001
    - Retrospective review of 3 cases of AMI resulting from ostial coronart occlusion by retrograde extension of the Type A aortic dessection. Clarenvas.com, May 2011
    - The subclavian artery, caught stealing. N Eng J Med 2010; 363:215
  • Physician Languages Spoken: English


Fields of expertise

Ballooning/stenting arteries of the brain, kidneys, arms, legs, etc.

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