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Dr. Guido H.H. Mannaerts

M.D., PhD - chief of general surgery

Fellowships: Licensed & Specialization: Laparsocopic GI-Oncological Surgery, Catharina Hospital Eindhoven & Academic Hospital Maastricht, The Netherlands

Graduate of Medicine from University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands; Doctorate in Ph.D. from University of Groningen, The Netherlands;

Medical boards: Licensed Surgeon, Catharina Hospital Eindhoven & Academic Hospital Maastricheht, The Netherlands

Languages spoken: Dutch and English

Dr Mannaerts, a double Dutch board certified Gastro-Intestinal as well as Oncology surgeon, from the Netherlands.

He is the chief of general surgery in Tawam Hospital and the director of its bariatric centre, which is with 750 cases per year the current largest bariatric centre of the UAE. Besides that he is the lead of the surgical oncology unit in Tawam Hospital.

He is an expert in minimal invasive/ laparoscopic surgery with a broad experience of over 7000 bariatric cases and over 1000 colorectal cases. Besides his great technical skills he is a kind doctor who communicates very well with his patients.

From a scientific point of view he is a well-known world expert speaker on Enhanced Recovery after Bariatric Surgery. Furthermore, he is the lead investigator in multiple randomised controlled trials, leading to over 70 PubMed registered peer-reviewed publications. Moreover, he has performed a PhD on the multimodal treatment of locally advanced rectal and locally recurrent rectal cancer (ISBN 90-367-1418-4).

Fields of expertise

Laparascopic GI-Oncology Surgery; Bariatric Surgery

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