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Bait Al Oud to Present Damascene Colors concert

Bait Al Oud in Abu Dhabi will host a spectacular and unique concert on 14th December which will feature the talents of Bait Al Oud teacher Samer Abou Reslan and the Modern Speech Choir along with legendary singer and teacher Aboud Basheer.
Organised by the Department of Culture and Tourism – Abu Dhabi (DCT Abu Dhabi) under its annual Music Programme, Bait Al Oud, the musical institution dedicated to the preservation and teaching of Arabic musical heritage and its instruments, will hold the concert at Qasr Al Muwaiji in Al Ain. 

The concert will present a classical and modern approach to Arabic music and include Samer’s original compositions as well as traditional songs from Damascus and the Arab world, with the Modern Speech Choir featuring singers Walaa Waslati, Durrah Zghonda as well as Hazar and Dema Hamza. 
The concert programme will also include songs in the Muwashahat style, which is a century old unique musical language that has permeated the entire Arabic Peninsula. Basheer, in coordination with Bait Al Oud, has for many years worked on a project aimed at adapting The Muwashahat style to the UAE’s culture, with this concert showcasing some of the songs resulting from this fascinating project.

Bashir is a Syrian artist and a professor of oriental singing and music who studied under a number of renowned elders, including the sons of Ali Darwish, Bakri Al-Kurdi, and other sheikhs in Tajweed and Holy Qur’an reciting. He has since become an ambassador of traditional Syrian singing in many foreign countries, especially the USA and in 2017. He joined Bait Al Oud as a teacher of oriental solfège singing.
Reslan is a Syrian musical composer and orchestrator who studied musical composition and orchestration in Syria and Italy.  He has participated in international music festivals with the Syrian orchestra “Zanobya” and has taught music theory at Bait Al Oud since 2013.  

Bait Al Oud was established in Abu Dhabi to provide an innovative platform for the younger generations, and a renowned centre for Arabic music. Since its opening, Bait Al Oud has worked to preserve the UAE and region musical heritage and focuses on teaching Arabic music and its instruments such as oud and qanoon. 
Additionally, Bait Al Oud is the first music school in the UAE to teach rebabah. 


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