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Dr. Dilip Thykkoottathil

Consultant General Surgery

Dr. Dilip (Consultant General Surgery), completed his MBBS from Medical College Alleppey, University of Kerala, India in 1984 post which he went on to complete his MS (General Surgery) from Manipal, University of Mangalore, India in 1991. He had also accomplished F.MAS (Laparoscopic Surgery) from AIMS, Kochi - recognised by IMC. He has an overall experience of more than 17 years at various hospitals including both UAE and India. His field of expertise include surgeries like Thyroidectomies, Laparotomies, Cholecystectomies, Herniopasties, Gastric and Colonic Resections and many more. Languages: English, Hindi, Malayalam, Urdu

Fields of expertise

Expertise in Diagnostic & Therapeutic Endoscopy & Colonoscopy. Laparoscopic Surgery for Benign Esophageal conditions, Gall Bladder, Appendix, Abdominal & Diaphragmatic Hernias. Laparoscopic Surgery for Benign & Malignant conditions of Colon, Stomach & Intestine. Endocrine Surgery.

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