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Dr. Faiza Farsi

Senior Podiatrist

Dr. Faiza has pursued her French Baccalaureate in Science from Lycee Saint Exupery, France. She completed her PCEM1 from Bichat Medicine University, Paris and obtained her Doctorate of Podiatry from University of Paris and Master Degree in Posturopody from Joseph Fourrier University, Grenoble.

Dr. Faiza has an extensive experience of  more than 9 years in Podiatry.


Dr. Faiza specializes in Diabetic Foot, Pediatric Podiatry (children), Biomechanical studies, Sports Medicine, Orthopaedic insoles, skin infection, nail disorders, heel pain and toe related issues.


Dr. Faiza speaks English, French & Arabic.

Fields of expertise

Dr. Faiza Farsi practice extensive care of foot conditions ranging from simple horn ingrown toenail and various nail disorders and skin, it helps to provide effective preventive care for diabetic persons.

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