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Dr. Mohamed Abdel Rahman Musa

Consultant Gastroenterologist

  • Physician Graduate of: Postgraduate Medical Training in Gastroentorology General (Internal) Medicine
  • Physician Medical Boards:
    - American Gastroentorology Association
    - Sudanese Society of Gastroentorology
    - British Society of Gastroentorology
  • Physician Author of:
    - The influence of a nutrition team on the  quality and cost effectiveness of parenteral feeding in a distric general hospital, 2006
    - A case report on duodenal diverticulum  causing intermittent small bowel obstruction in middle aged female, 2003
    - Canada syndrome case with re-feeding  syndrome, 2015
  • Physician Languages Spoken: English

Fields of expertise

Gastrointestinal bleeding Peptic ulcer & gastroesophageal reflux Functional GI disorders Gastrointestinal infections Colorectal cancer and colonic polyps screening & surveillance

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