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Dr. Ahmed Fouad El Sayed Ali

Consultant Neurosurgeon


  • Physician Graduate of: 
    Medical education at the university of Damascus / Syria Graduation and doctor's degree
  • Physician Medical Boards:  'Dubai Neuroscience Society
  • Physician Languages Spoken: Arabic, English, German

Dr. Ali has extensive experience with brain and spine surgeries including tumours, hydrocephalus, trauma and intra cranial bleeding, congenital malformations, spine fractures, lumbar and cervical discectomy, laminectomy, micro- neurosurgery and surgery of peripheral nerves, carpal tunnel syndrome and ulnar nerve syndrome, nerve injuries and transplantation.

Fields of expertise

Neurosurgery, Brain, cerebral and spine operations, brain tumors, acustic neuromas, pituitary adenomas, aneurysms and spinal tumors and fractures.  stereotaxy, neuronavigation.and Micronerosurgery and peripheral neves. Spine surgeries like disc prolapse, laminectomy or spinal fixation

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