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Dr. Ammar Kutaiman

Consultant Vascular Surgeon

  • Physician Graduate of:
    Masteral Degree in Surgery,
    Fellow  in Vascular Surgery,
    Certificate board in surgery
  • Physician Medical Boards:
    - European Society of Vascular Surgery
    - Syrian Association of Angiology and Vascular Surgery
    - Syrian Association of General Surgery
    - Syrian Medical Association
    - Emirates Medical Association
  • Physician Fellowships: Damascus University Hospitals
  • Physician Languages Spoken: Arabic, English

Dr Ammar joined Mediclinic in 2002, prior to which he trained and worked in general and vascular surgery at major teaching hospitals in Syria. He has wide experience in thyroid surgery, providing full management for thyroid–guided biopsy and small incision surgery with large volumes of more than 100 thyroidectomies per year with excellent results. He also performs guided biopsy of the breast using new breast-saving techniques. He undertakes management of vein diseases using techniques such as ablation by laser or radiofrequency, and all types of foam and sclerotherapy. He also undertakes all endovascular peripheral angioplasty procedures including carotid, aorta, iliac arteries and lower limb arteries and diabetic foot management, in addition to open surgery procedures and port cath insertion for chemotherapy and fistula creation for chronic renal dialysis.

Fields of expertise

Vascular Surgery: arterial disease :all peripheral vascular disease : like neck arteries , abdominal aorta   and upper  lower limb arteries with very good experience in : clinical  assessment and duplex scan investigations and all new modality of  endo vascular and angioplasty  or open surgery technique for arterial occlusion or aneurysmal dilatation beside to all peripheral vascular procedures like insertion of port catheter for chemotherapy and perm catheter for renal dialysis and creation of arteriovenous fistula for renal dialysis  Vein disease management:  duplex scan and all type and size of varicose vein management by endo vein laser or radiofrequency and sclerotherapy treatment. General surgery Thyroid surgery:  all ultrasound guided biopsy for thyroid and parathyroid lesions with  small incision technique for thyroid surgery Breast surgery:   guided ultrasound biopsy  and all new technique of breast saving for breast cancer management

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