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Dr. Begad Abbas

Specialist Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Physician Graduate of: Ain Shams University
Physician Medical Boards: PhD, Msc in Rehabilitation Medicine 
Physician Fellowships: Cardiac rehabilitation
Physician Author of: 5 publications
Physician Languages Spoken: Arabic, English

Fields of expertise

Interventional pain management  Local intra-articular injections for joint pain. Soft tissue injection and trigger points injection for all musculoskeletal diseases. Sport medicine and pre-participation assessment in sports activity Post orthopedic surgery rehabilitation  Hand therapy and occupational therapy assessment. Rehabilitation of neurological diseases as stroke, Hemiplegia, spinal cord injuries  and nerve injuries Pediatric Rehabilitation for cerebral palsy, brachial plexus injury and muscular dystrophy. Cardiac rehabilitation

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Mediclinic Airport Road Hospital

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